Star Angel Contributor

In Honor of Your Hero

Donations to Operation Silver Star means a continuing assurance that we can help those wounded military personnel and the families who need help to take care of the day-to-day financial, material and logistical demands that they face while going through the stresses of reintegrating back into civilian life.

In becoming a part of our donor family, you will be taking this organization closer to its goal of completing one mission at a time.

To donate online please click on the “DONATE” button at the bottom or using the form above and follow the instructions.

To donate by mail please send your donation to:
26100 Newport Rd., Ste 12 PMB 13, Menifee CA 92584


A STAR ANGEL Contributor is one who contributes to help our cause. Star Angel Contributors can be individuals or corporations wishing to make a difference by making a one-time donation towards our mission, a specific event or a monthly donation towards all of our events. As a sponsor of a specific or all of our events, depending on the amount of donation, you will benefit from our donation level program which is as follows;

$500 per chosen event; Your company name on all event promotional materials including our website, blog and social network for that specific event, a banner to be shown at the event, public recognition at the event

$500 a month; Your company name continuously on our website, blog and social networks, a banner at all of our events, public recognition at all of our events

$300 per chosen event; a banner to be shown at the event and public recognition at the event

$200 per chosen event; your company name on our flyer for that specific event and public recognition at that event

$200 a month; your company name on our flyer for all events and public recognition at all events.


If you wish to donate in honor of your blue, silver or gold star military hero, any donation amount will place the name of your hero on our “Honoring Our Hero” page. The name of your hero will remain on that page for as long as we exist. Just go to our “Contact Us”page, fill out the form and in the comment section enter “for our hero” followed by some information about who she/he is, where they served and anything you want to say about your hero and we will post it on the page.

Can’t donate? Don’t worry.

You can still have your hero’s name on this page.

For individuals wishing to donate and because donations of any kind are personal decisions, we believe that any amount you decide to bless us with is a donation from your heart to the warriors that need our help so, please search your heart and donate with a glad heart.