You qualify for assistance from OSS if you are a combat wounded veteran with a rating from the VA, a Purple Heart or if you are an immediate family member of a wounded combat veteran, specifically a spouse or parent. (Eligibility as it relates to spouse or parent will be evaluated on a case to case basis). (see our “Eligibility Requirements” page). Combat veterans who were not wounded but are transitioning out of the military may not be eligible for financial assistance but may be eligible for other resources available through OSS.

Documentation required to determine eligibility include; a copy of your DD214, a completed OSS application (this document is available for download through our website on the “Contact Us”page) and a copy of your VA rating letter ( only the page that indicates your actual rating %) and a copy of your military ID (if you have one). If there is any question regarding your ID OSS may require your case worker or VA representative to send a statement regarding your identification.

Once the ID is verified the documentation goes to the relevant committee to determine what funds are available. This could take 24 to 48 hours mainly because it depends on which fund is available. Some funds are earmarked for specific purposes and/or groups such as Post 911 (OIF OEF) Vets, Vietnam/Desert Storm/ Shield Vets or previous wars. Once the funds are available, you will be notified and arrangements will be made to cover the need(s). If funds are low or not available, OSS will try to help find the resources from other organizations or sources.

OSS helps with urgent/immediate needs such as Rent/Mortgage, Utilities, Vehicle Payment/Repair, Groceries, Clothing, Travel Expenses (to/from major medical facilities).(See our “Need Assistance” page)

You may receive assistance from OSS once a year. (special circumstances do apply here).

Yes, we will find other resources such as materials such as clothing, appliances and other material needs. We also help with information about other resources available or about benefits available from other agencies or nonprofits.

Yes, in our “Resources” page we have a series of links available for those who need information regarding various topics.

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